Straight Arrow Bison Ranch of Broken Bow, Nebraska

Committed to:

Healthy Land                                 Healthy Animals                              Healthy People

signStraight Arrow Bison Ranch is your source for all natural, grass fed buffalo steaks, bison burger, rib eye steaks, NY strip steaks, top sirloin steaks, roasts, cube steaks and many other wonderful cuts of lean and healthy bison.

We are a family owned business dedicated to caring for the land as we depend on it to provide us with delicious meats that optimize your health and wellness.

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All Natural Habitat

Our bison are raised in their natural habitat on the plains of central Nebraska with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and clean water. The herd grazes on native grasses year-round, supplemented with prairie hay when the grass is not sufficient to meet their needs. Calves are left in the herd until they are ready for harvest. They are kept healthy by adding apple cider vinegar to their water source which acts as a natural parasite control and enhances their digestive and immune systems.

No Artificial Ingredients

They are fed no corn or other grains, no animal by-products, antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants. They are given no vaccinations. They are harvested in the fall after they have gained weight all summer from the green grasses.

Stress-Free Slaughter

The bison are field-harvested in the fall after they have gained weight all summer from the green grasses. This means they are not rounded up, sorted, or trucked prior to slaughter, thus no stress.* (Stress prior to slaughter results in the release of stress hormones which can cause toughness or off-flavors in the meat.)
Our bison processing is done in a USDA inspected mobile meat processing unit and packaged in a facility with verified HAACP program. The meat is packaged in clear plastic wrap to stay fresh in your freezer for many months. We have thousands of satisfied customers from twenty successful years in business!

website pictures3Good Eating and Good Health

Healthy animals mean healthier meats for you, containing ALL the essential amino acids and fatty acids and many vitamins and minerals.

As for taste, it’s as good or better than the finest beef. Good eating and good health, who could ask for more? See nutritional information.